Saturday, 5 April 2014

Confessions of a Nail Blogger Tag!

I came across this lovely tag from my Bloglovin' feed when I saw that Galorious had done a lovely little post called Confessions of a Nail Blogger (Tag?). Now at the moment Tags are quite popular and seeing as this one fits in so perfectly with Addicted To Nails... it just had to be done. Here we go, don't hate the blog forever if you don't like the confessions.

My nails are cut using a clipper.
I read on another nail blog that you aren't meant to use clippers for shortening your nails as the pressure of the cutting affects your nails, instead use a glass file. However I just don't do this (do any of you guys do this) as I don't own a glass file and also I am just to lazy to spend time shortening my nails.

I never paint my toenails.
I am one of those people that just doesn't like my feet therefore by extension my toenails as well. This means that my toenails are never painted unlike some other bloggers I've seen and also I don't read posts about painted toenails...
I wanted to be a craft blogger before this one!
Similar to Galorious's confession of having another nail polish blog, I also had another blog before creating a polish blog. It was meant to be a scrapbooking and crafts blog, however it didn't materialise into anything as I couldn't take the faces off of the photographs in it therefore not many posts were written and posted. Then I realised the world of nail blogging and here we are.
90% of manicures don't stay on my nails longer than an hour.
I think this one is the saddest one of the lot. When I paint my nails to create posts for the blog, most of them will stay on for an hour or so then they'll be removed. This is due to the fact that my work has a no bright coloured nail polish policy, I am not a nude/pastel kind of person meaning all of them have to come off. The only ones that survive is at the weekend when my second job allows painted nails or if I am feeling very out of character and have a nude nail polish on.

These are my nail polishing blogging confessions, I tag anyone one else interested to have a go!


  1. thanks for doing the tag, its nice to see other people's confessions! i always have my toes painted as i dislike them so much! ahh snap! we both had previous blogs! my manicures usually last 4 days, i cant believe yours only stay on for an hour, i would get really annoyed as i would have spent agees on my nails before taking it off straight away :(

    1. See I am the opposite with my toenails - no nail polish! It's quite annoying getting rid of them but then they are posted on here so they aren't lost forever. :)



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