Saturday, 3 May 2014

WellNailed x's Competition Prizes!!

Today's post is rather exciting despite the fact it's a tad overdue! The reasoning for this is that recently I had given up buying new polishes, therefore new polishes weren't shown on the blog just in case someone got the urge to get new ones if they did well on the blog... So today's going to show you guys what was won in the competition hosted by the brilliant WellNailed x. (Go and check them out!) As well as give some clues as to what will be appearing soon...
These will be the first Nails Inc to be added to the ever growing stash and they are called; Countess road, Lanesborough place, Battersea and Bristol. They haven't been officially tried out yet but Bristol has appeared on my nails and it's already a favourite.

Next up is a combination of different polishes which all look really interesting colours to try the nails. They are called; Gunmental by Headline Colors, 83231 Not Easily Swept Away by Seche, PP053 Cocktail Dress by Ciate and 157 Cosmical by B. Quick. These will have my new nail brand craving sorted for a while!

A selection of make-up and nail art goodies! Hopefully they will all be tested before I get to show you guys as they'll all be new techniques and we don't want any large mistakes... Finally on to the most exciting product!!
It's the very famous OPI nail polishes which will be the first ones in the stash which aren't crackle effect, they will be proper colours! These proper colours are called; First Date at the Golden Gate, Muir Muir on the Wall, In the Cable Car-Pool Lane and Peace & Love & OPI. They all looking amazing colours with the addition of being colours I definitely will enjoy. Thanks so much WellNailed x for a fabulous give away, it's just amazing that I managed to receive it! Have you guys won any competitions recently? Or are you one of those lucky people?!

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