Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Blogosphere hype made me buy it...

It can't totally be blamed on the blogosphere, it's also my lack of willpower not to buy more nail polishes. But seeing as the famous 3 for 2 on all make-up was on at Boots, as well as having a double voucher, the opportunity to get some current nail polishes (instead of £1 shop polishes) couldn't be missed. Therefore a little list was made and off I went to the high-street.
This purchase will come as no surprise seeing as everybody on Bloglovin' has been in love with these new editions to the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine collection as they are brilliant polishes in their own right and they are especially great colours for the arrival of spring. Their names are; 21 Sugar Apple, 19 Huckleberry and 20 Rose Hip - a skittle of these polishes is definitely in the piping line.

After recently seeing these appear on some of my favourite blogs in addition to wanting them for a long time. (they've appeared in a Weekend Want List a while back) Maybelline's Color Show Street Artist polishes were always on the to buy list and this was the shopping trip that they got picked up. The colours are; 04 Alley Attitude and 01 Boom Box Black - they were chosen as they will go well with other base colours in the stash.
To make my shopping basket up to 6, another limited edition by Maybelline Color Show was selected as it was a little different from other polishes I've picked up. It's part of the Crystallize collection, it's called 232 Rose Chic - the colour is similar to a pink silver simmer with glitter of different sizes in silver. Hopefully it'll have a textured finish!
Now these particular polishes have been on the to buy list since they came out, seeing as they've been marketed as bright and bold colours which is very similar to about 90% of the nail polish collection so they'd be right up my street. The names of these are; 403 Orgasm (sadly not a fan of this name) and 613 Midnight Rendezvous. Now these were purchased in Superdrug as they were buy one, get the second half price as well as getting a free polish to celebrate 50 years:
If you didn't already know, it's Superdrug's 50th birthday this year and they have teamed up with many make-up brands to release limited editions. Rimmel were giving them away for free when you purchased two nail polishes, so I think it may have been a better deal than boots?! The name of this polish is 050 Fifty Shades of Pink, and I am really really eager to try it out. Have you guys seen any other special editions for the celebrations? Any that aren't pink!? 


  1. That's a great haul! I'd love to see what the Colour Show Street Artist polishes look like, they look gorgeous!

    1. It was a bargain haul considering all of it was 3 for 2 effectively. I cant wait to use the Street Artist polishes! (Just got to wait for a day I'm not working so it can be worn.)



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