Saturday, 24 May 2014

Quick Post: Sally Hansen's Check, Please!

It's just a flying post today. However it's about a new nail polish technique that has never been used by myself although it's be purchased... It's Sally Hansen's Salon Effects which are peel off nail stickers and the design is a checked design as given away by the name Check, Please! Here it is:

Aren't they brilliant? I wish I could do nail art like this but that needs a little time and practise. Talking about practise, it was a little hard putting the nail stickers for the first time as there's a technique that needs to be followed which I didn't get on the first few nails. (Also this was from the pound shop so it hasn't broken the bank!) Have you guys tried any of these nail stickers before? You should try them if you have the chance, as I will if they are seen again with a cute design! p.s. this is 100th post on the blog.

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