Thursday, 12 June 2014

Going out on the town material: Rose Chic by Maybelline Colour Show

There's always those evenings that you are going out celebrating with friends and family - an occasion. When you've got painted nails but they just don't quite cut it for the event. Here's the polish to fill that gap, it's relatively new release and it's amazing for the amount of effort put in for the result that you receive. This little polish is called Rose Chic from the collection Crystallize by Maybelline Colour Show:  

When two coats are applied, it finishes as if there's been glitter sprinkled very heavily across all of the nails. Rose Chic doesn't need a base colour underneath as the sprinkled effect covers it with no gaps. (Which I was expecting to have to do.) The polish is easy to apply as the glitter self levels across the nail including the glitter so there's no areas with loads in comparison to others. Additionally the glitter isn't a pain to remove after the evening out, when removing it sticks together so it comes off in one heavy wipe. That mean's there isn't any downsides to this polish. (I'll update you if there are some.) What do you think of the effect? Or is it just TOO glittery for your taste? Which was a possibility for me however once it had been put on, it was love at first sight!



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