Tuesday, 8 July 2014

June Favourites!

Seeing as May's favourite are very much related to June's favourite nail polishes instead of churning out the same old polishes and boring you guys to death, I thought it would be better highlight some completed manicures which have been thoroughly loved in the month of June. Some by Addicted To Nails... and some by other brilliant nail artists!
  1. Pink and white lace design inspired by this lovely Simple Lace French Tip by the fantastic Handtastic Intentions is probably the favourite of the month by far seeing as it's a really easy design to do but the final result is really intercut without any real effort.
  2. Sugar Apple is a must polish and personally I believe it survived the hype around the spring release as many nail polish bloggers are using it now - it's definitely not spring now, it's summer. As well as this it's a Barry M polish meaning application and finish are perfect.
  3. Textured polishes are very much in use at the moment, they just have a slight edge to the normal manicure and Spare A Mint? is no exception. This manicure is a favourite due to the colouring of the polish - it's a brilliant blue and teal, it really stands out from the crowd.
  4. A fairly recent addition to the overall stash but it's already made its way up the ranks to favourite. Making it no surprise that an OPI called Just a Little Rosti at This, a brilliant deep red polish very different from anything else in the stash.
  5. Return of the infamous duotones, it's Mediterranean by Barry M again. Though it's not really a summer colour, it appears very regularly on the nails as the shift in colour is a magical effect that hasn't worn off yet...
  6. Another easy nail art design which has been labelled the Three Waves - all you need is three different polishes and patience between the coats drying to create this effect. Not hard at all.
  7. An Addicted To Nails... first is a Matte Top Coat which has been frequently used over the month to see what different polish combinations make with matte instead of gloss for once.
  8. Finally a sparkly Rose Chic to finish which is perfect if you're going out at the end of the week and want something with a little extra wow on the nails. Additionally this one is easy to apply as take off which is heard rarely with sparkly glittery polishes.
  1. The Lacquer Chronicles should be on the check list to follow as their nail posts are always so pretty and uplifting especially Paint Me Happy as it's just the perfect colour around this time of year.
  2. The brilliant inspiration for one of my own nail polish favourites is the Original Design by Handtastic Intentions, their choice of colour is very sophisticated combined with the lace design itself. One of my favourite designs this year I'd say!
  3. From the brilliant instagram page of Vivid Nails is this polish combination which just catches the eye so well, I am ashamed to say that these polishes are owned by myself and a look hasn't been created yet with them. Vivid Nails does this perfectly.
  4. A brilliant Water Marble manicure by Pardon My Nails is fantastic and I'm hoping when the plunge into water marbling has been taken it will come out like these nails as they are so good. The colour combination is by far my favourite part of the manicure.


  1. That is so sweet of you! I'm glad my design inspired you so much! I loved your look too!

    1. Thanks, it's just such a pretty design. :)



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