Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Some Brilliant But Underrated Nail Polish Brands.

Today is a showcase for the brilliant polishes held within the giant stash, that can sometimes be neglected or overlooked either by myself or the general nail polish community. They are very opaque polishes, easy to apply and overall long lasting on the nails. You want to see these polishes? Okay, here we go...

First up is the brilliant Maybelline Colour Show, which has to be admitted that was a new discovery in the last year or so. Never before added to the collection. These polishes have a great range of basic colours as well as loads of limited edition special effects. Most of them are two coaters with brilliant opaque results, with the added extra of a greatly designed brush. These polishes are: 215 Iced Queen and 214 Green With Envy, Rain Forest Canopy.
Secondly is an all American brand making it a little bit harder to source here but worth it. As the are very opaque polishes, some are a one coat wonder, in a variety of bright and unusual effects such as all over glitters. Easy to apply and relatively quick to dry. Mostly they can be found in the poundshops so they are also cheap. These are: Wild Berry, Strawberry Icing, Lacey Lilac.
This lovely Seventeen was picked up on a whim back from the lovely Paris, as I naively thought I'd be able to paint my nails on the train back... However this little polish surprised expectations in the payback it gave on the nails. Applies in two coats with a shimmer finish. This one is Navy Glint and there may be more appearing soon. 
More of a high-street staple is Rimmel's I <3 heart lasting finish, know for it's vibrant colours. However not as well known for the brilliant application brushes, easy solution which isn't too runny or gloopy and quite well lasting polish. The colours certainly got my attention but the polish has kept me hooked! They are: Block Your GreenMarshmellow Heaven, Wedge Of Lime.
Finally the most underrated polish (in my personal opinion) is NYC. They are brilliantly price polishes with awesome results. It does take a little bit of time with these polishes, however if you're willing to wait the colours are great. They are always slightly different from the norm colour wise as well as being ahead - such as nail stripers in the UK! These beauties are: Water Street BlueBlue Sky and Wet With Passion. So would you agree or are there some even more underrated polishes? ...


  1. This is a great post! I agree about Maybelline - I only bought one of their nail polishes a few months ago for the first time and now I love the brand! Iced Queen is now one of my favourite polishes! I really like Rimmel too but I have to admit I only have a few of their nail polishes! I might just have to buy some more now! :)

    1. Thanks, Maybelline is really growing on me at the moment. Mauve Kiss is my favourite nude/natural polish at the moment seeing as you can't fault it! Rimmel's great also, sorry for the bad influence enabling more polish buying.... :S

  2. I totally agree on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear! I only have a few of them, but I've never had any issues with the formula. And while the colors may not be particularly unique, they are still pretty (and quite a bargain).

    1. I only have a few too, some how managed to leave the nice ones of this post... They are pretty and definitely a bargain! :)



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