Thursday, 31 July 2014

Venture into OPI...

OPI as a brand of nail polishes has always been the dream seeing as they are always raved about by many nail polish bloggers and normal bloggers alike. However the price tag as well as the availability has always put me off seeing as it doesn't really seem worth it despite many lovely blog photographs and posts disagreeing. But recently some OPI's have been picked up locally at a fraction of the retail price therefore they are going to be tried... 

These are the selected few colours that are going to be swatched and tested on Addicted To Nails... Strangely there aren't any blues or purples which is normally the go to colour, yet there weren't any lovely ones on offer - so it'll be a change in colour scene for once.
Tickle My France-y looks like a great neutral/nude polish and the name seems to be quite popular in the nail polish world so looking forward to this one. Just A Little Rosti At This is a beautiful deep red polish, it has been used already but the photographs just didn't do it justice. Great sophisticated colour. William Tell Me About OPI is another mature colour as it's deep purple appears black/navy is some lights, another one that's been used however the results haven't been shared. You Don't Know Jacques! is another popular name as well as another work friendly colour. It's a darker brown shade which appears so lovely. Dim Sum Plum is a relatively unknown name but the colour just got me, it's bright pink yet isn't neon - perfect for the summer season.
When swatching this polishes, an open mind is going to be the motto seeing as there's always been the lingering question of are they actually worth it? So there is a slight bias but it's going to be ignored. Have you guys ever had an opinion before trying the product? Did you try being neutral or was it just too much...


  1. OPI is one of my favourite (if not *the* favourite) of nail polish brands, though I can rarely buy them due to the slightly heavier price tag, as you mentioned. In my opinion, I find that they're worth it to a point- if there's a polish that's another brand I trust (like Barry M, in example) and they have a similar colour for generally a lot cheaper, I'll just go for that one (and buy a few more on the side), but if they're on sale or if I'm on holiday and they're much cheaper, I'll go for it! Last year I bought 3 OPI's whilst in the US for around £5 a piece, which was so awesome.
    I'd totally recommend getting one of their Liquid Sand polishes as soon as you can though, if you end up loving the brand as much as I do! "What Wizardry is This?" is one of my all-time favourite polishes ever, but I'm not sure that it's available anymore.
    Also, you might want to look on Fragrance Direct if you do like the OPI's since they sell them for around £4 per bottle, though they don't have as much colour-choice.
    I can't wait to hear what you think!! :D (And sorry for the super-long comment! ^^' )

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment! The price tag is definitely one thing stopping me but also destination as there isn't many places near that sell them. From what I've tried of them they seem worth the money as they tend to last a lot longer than other polishes I own and the are good, opaque colours. OPI's will always be picked up when on offer or from discount stores. I've recently found the factory shop are selling them at £4 each but I'll probably give Fragrance Direct a go. (Don't do a lot of online shopping so wasn't sure of them...) Thanks for the recommendation of liquid sand I'll have to try them out, hopefully I'll be able to pick one up!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you got your hands on some O.P.I.'s! It looks like you've got some gorgeous ones for autumn!! I'm especially excited to see what William Tell Me About O.P.I. looks, I'm always on the lookout for a good vamp... :D

    1. William Tell Me About OPI is a lovely vampy purple, I'll have to get it up soon! They seem to be more autumn colours, I'm not complaining seeing as they were all at reduced prices. :)



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