Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mysterious Green Shimmer Polish: Rain Forest by Revlon.

Just look at the green shimmer running through this eye catching polish! It certainly caught my eye when walking round the shop, it was a see it and need to buy it experience for sure. Surprisingly this colour polish isn't a normal go-to, the colour green in my nail polish collection is definitely smaller than others. But the iridescent effect the shimmer has just had to be tried out, and here's the results: 

Do you see the green shimmer running over the black now? Thought so. Initially I thought it wouldn't apply like it appeared in the bottle but it did which was brilliant! The application of Rain Forest was simple as the brush was a good size so painting each nail takes three straight strokes. The solution of the polish is just right, it doesn't run at all making it easy to keep straight edges. Finally the name does the polish justice seeing as it does stay on the nails without small chips, smudges or dents... The only reason it was taken off is that one nail was waked hard and a complete segment came off. Overall this is a brilliant polish, it's a polish that once you apply it, you can't stop looking at your nails because of the shimmery iridescent effect. 


  1. This looks like such a beautiful colour, I love bewitching greens! I have to admit I have not tried that many Revlon polishes but this looks like a winner! :) xx

    1. It's a brilliant colour, I hadn't use many Revlons up to this one but it's definitely made me want to try more! :)



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