Friday, 12 September 2014

Addicted To Nails... Update and Reassurance!

Today's post is both a happy and a sad post for me and probably for you guys, it's an update on when little nail polish shaped posts are coming out of Addicted To Nails... as it'll be changing from the current schedule in the next few days.

 The happy side of this post is that I will be moving to university in a few days time on Saturday. (The excitement is currently boiling up inside as I just can't wait!) The course that I'm studying there is a pretty full on course meaning free time will be reduced. Leading onto the sad part of this post, there will be a change to the posting schedule to include one less day...  It's either Tuesday or Thursday that's going to be removed. (Unsure as to which, if you have a preference please say - it'll make choosing much easier.) However the reassurance is that Addicted To Nails... wont disappear all together as I am still very much devoted to it and enjoying it so much so the next eight weeks of posts have already been written and made! Hope you guys don't mind. :)
p.s. anyone else heading off to university? Just curious!

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