Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top Picks from... The Poundshops!

It seems that this little nail polish blog is forever going on about the bargain polishes which can be found in the Poundshops (Poundland, Poundworld, 99p Stores etc.) and raving about how brilliant they are. Yet never really picking out polishes that are favourites in their own right, instead blaming it all on the price and where it's from. So today's going to be some picks of brilliant polishes which have by coincidence come from these shops...

Here they all are, do you think they look very pretty?! Well lets get down to business with the polishes - give away their names and best qualities. First up is Revlon's Coastal Surf which is admittedly very new but has been used quite a bit due to it's brilliant slightly curved brush and opacity on application. Perfect summer blue polish. Prepare your eyes for the next one which is Sally Hansen's Man-Go Team! it's a bright neon yellow with influences from mango the fruit, it's an unusual colour so a love/hate polish but I'm firmly in the loving it camp. To tone down the line up is Rimmel's Stuck In The Mud - perfect for natural coloured nails, lifesaver if you're only allowed nude for work. A line up wouldn't be complete without a textured nail, here's Sally Hansen's Spare A Mint? which is a lovely teal polish that applies in two coats with the bonus texture effect. This one is heavily used... A bright colour that's not so in your face is Rimmel's Instyle Coral, it's the perfect shade for summer (shame that's going to disappear soon) as it's a calm coral with no shimmer or effects. Just plain and simple, that's why it's a favourite. This polish was inevitably going to appear as it's so loved, Sally Hansen's Co-Bolt Blue is a metallic blue one coat wonder - easy and quick to apply. A back-up polish of this one is desperately needed. Last but not least is Rimmel's Out of the Blue, you guys may be seeing a lot more of as it's the perfect autumn shade. It's halfway between dark blue and green, making it a dark teal shade, application is lovely and isn't a pain to remove either. Any nice polishes you guys have found in these shops? It's brilliant when you find a hidden gem in these shops!

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