Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Throwback: Papaya by Barry M.

Technically you can call this a throwback as this colour wasn't worn in summer as it was purchased in September, yet it's been loved at the moment despite the fact it's a total summer colour. Maybe it's just because we're all wishing for summer to return? Definitely true in this case... Anyway onto yet more lovely polishes close ups:

It's a cute pastel orange with a hint of pink/red making it a lovely mix polish colour - can't define it to one colour category. Papaya was really simple to apply with the normal Barry M polish and solution of polish, opacity of the polish was better than expected. It looked like a 3/4 coater in the polish bottle but surprisingly it only took two layers! So whats the decision guys on summer colours on winter time nails? It's definitely true that I break the spring/summer/autumn/winter seasons rule.

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