Thursday, 4 September 2014

Starting to See Autumn: Rollarcoaster by Essence.

The polishes are starting to turn from summer to autumn, Rollarcoaster by Essence seems to be the first of a few darker shades of polish. It's a lovely dark green colour with no shimmer running through it (Some other Essence polishes are guilty of this.) or polish effects. Just plain and simple green which may be why it's so popular! Here's some more photographs to prove it...

A lovely crème green. It's simple and elegant. Simple can also be used to describe applying this polish as it went on smoothly with no streaks or bumps and was dry within thirty seconds. Maybe that's why it's called Colour & Go. The wear of Rollorcoaster was also brilliant as it lasted on the nails which normally doesn't happen from a polish priced at £1.60. These polishes are certainly growing on me and definitely in size in the massive collection of polishes, it's a definite recommended to try adding to your stashes. 

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