Thursday, 13 February 2014

GOT Challenge: Valentines!

This week's theme is Valentine's. This one gave me a lot of ideas but not all of them where really feasible for my skills at the moment but hopefully will in the future! The idea that stuck was a glitter gradient, which I haven't done before so I had help from SheKnow's Glitter Gradient How To to guide me through all the steps.
Today's nail polish is a combination of a golden oldie and one from the Mount Untried. 222 Fuchisa Fun by Maybelline has been rumbling around the collection for about two months as it lost the competition to Pink Bikini from the Colour Show. 350 Diamond Glitter has been a staple in the collection for a while so much so it's been repurchased a few times... Onto the Fuchisa Fun review.

Putting on the first layer was very surprising seeing at it was such good coverage so quickly. There wasn't any streaking areas or thin areas of the polish when applied. Additionally the colour appears as it does in the bottle so no disappointment on my part, the brush was a brilliant shape for applying polish also. 2nd coat:

Looking fab! Now it's really opaque across all of the nails and slightly bright also. There's nothing really I could fault at this point but we'll have to wait and see if it chips at all and how long it lasts on the nails. Onto the trickier bit of applying the glitter gradient by Barry M seeing as the glitter isn't too large and normally it's simple to apply...

I am happy with that outcome. And it was relatively simple to do, I thought it was going to be tricky to get the glitter where you want it to. But better results will come if you don't try and control it too much! (And I normally need to be in charge.) Overall I'd recommend doing this one as it's easy to do and doesn't link too strongly to Valentine's day so it'll survive more than one day without being removed. Happy Valentine's Day!

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