Thursday, 27 February 2014

Attack of the colour orange!

It's another one from the great untried this week, for which I apologise but's it's been a very hectic week for myself... So it's a review from the blogger vaults. It's probably apparent in the choice of nail polish colours, that the writer to this blog is a lover of bright and bold colours but today's choice is definitely a bold colour in it's own right. You'll need to close your eyes for protection as soon as you see it. Additionally sun glasses are needed in the application of the nail polish... Just kidding.

Now at this point it doesn't look that bright but wait until the photographs of the nail polish on the nails... This is Cloud 9 by Sinful Colors which would definitely go well with UFO by Sinful Colors however the nails would be radioactive in colour. Applying this nail polish was really easy and didn't have the normal dripping problem that other Sinful Colors nail polishes have. It was opaque within the first coat so much so that the photographs of the first coat didn't happen therefore there is only photographs of the second coat application. Get your eyes ready!

Looking at it now the colour itself it's very orange but quite yellow as well. Appears gold in some lights! To be totally honest this isn't a colour I would go out and buy by choice seeing as it's a little too yellow/orange in colour and I am a lover of navy/purple but it would be good as a party colour such as new year. Easy to apply and great on the nails overall.

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