Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Another metallic purple nail polish....

Any colour that is a deep purple or dark and metallic I am a sucker for! It's probably due to the fact that there are phases of my favourite colour and any nail polish that falls within the favourite colour of the moment must be purchase immediately. This means that this nail polish had to be accumulated once seen in addition to the fact that it was found at the back of the nail polish stand in another £1 shop. It just can't be helped...
What also didn't help was that this particular colour was on the list of nail polishes from Sinful Colors I would like from the help of YouTube when this lovely brand was discovered therefore there was no logical reason not to purchase it when seen at a reduced price. They say admitting your problem is the first step, I am a £1 shop nail polish bargain hunter. This lovely shade of purple is Fig by Sinful Colors and it goes on the first layer like a dream:

Already really opaque in colour and even coverage of the nail. The brush to apply this polish was good but the realisation came that the rounded maxi brushes (I think that's what they are called) are much preferred by myself as it makes much better lines at the edges of the nail. That's my personal preference though! If you don't want it too dark in colour, you could probably leave the nails here however there's going to be a second layer.

Fabulous darling! Very much a great purple in colour and with the shimmer making it a tad metallic it's definitely a colour that catches the light perfectly seeing as the photographs were very hard to take without getting lighting spots! This polish is definitely worth the normal retail of £1.99 and a steal when purchased at £1, now I just wished it had been purchased the first time around as it's that nice. 

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