Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another little shopping haul in the infamous £1 shops...

It's become largely apparent that when I go out shopping for the day or afternoon, that the time spent in the £1 shops is too great it's becoming abnormal. Really should cut down on time spent in here, what do you guys think about £1 shops? Do you like my hauls and polishes feature from £1 shops? But need some opinions from you guys before they get cut completely! Anyway onto the post, here's what was snapped up from the £1 shops on my last visit as well as some polishes from another store - shocking that I ventured else where.

Around the time of the shopping trip, other nail bloggers where mentioning 50p sales in make-up sections of various £1 shops. This may of meant nail polishes so it just had to be checked out - and it was happening. S007 My Silicone Popped and S071 Black Mamba were picked up together for £1 total. Additionally they are Wet n Wild polishes which have been on the brand polish hit list for a while now.
Next up is the beloved Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, they have been bought where ever I can find them and these colours are no exception. They are called; 120 Peachy Breeze and 140 Quick Sand. (This one has a slight shimmer to it, different to others I've collected) Insta-Dries go straight to the 'to be swatched' list.
Surprisingly for the little camera used to take the photographs, the shimmer which attracted my hands to the polish has come up in the photograph. The polish itself is called 220 Rain Forest by Revlon, it's green with a slight yellow/gold shimmer. Next to it is another green polish with a hint of blue called 361 Mermaid Green by the lovely Rimmel Pro.
The only polishes not from the £1 shops is these Sinful Colours which were a similar price as they were on offer at 4 for £3 so it wasn't much of a splurge for the purse. Reasoning for buying these is due to the lack of whites and greens within the stash that had sufficient pigment as other's aren't really opaque. The coral was used to get the offer I believe, their actual names are; 1103 Island Coral, 101 Snow Me White and 1105 Exotic Green. Have you guys had a successful shopping trip recently? I'd say this one was, they'll definitely be on the nails soon. Actually I believe some already have...


  1. Great haul! Island Coral is such a stunning colour - I've got it as well and I love it! :)

    1. It's good to know some one else recommends it! I'll be giving it a go soon. :)

  2. Great purchases here. I also have a HUGE soft spot for Insta-Dri polishes - I look everytime I go past a £ store! Not like I need anymore but hey! Plus Rainforest is gorgeous on the the nails too, I love mine.

    1. They are a brilliant polish, for me they beat every other polish. Shame they don't sell in the UK but always good that you can pick them up for £1. Taking a photograph is always a great tester if the effect really shows up, can't wait to use Rainforest. :)



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