Thursday, 8 May 2014

Barry M Collection: Top Five Picks

As far as nail polish goes, Barry M is up there at the top of the best brand list seeing as they are always great colours and effects, long lasting with the Barry M top coat and really opaque meaning they are going to be statement nails! Therefore I thought I'd give you guys a top five series of all the best brands (in my opinion) and Barry M just had to come first.

315 Crackle Nail Effects - This polish with a bright base colour is an easy peasy nail polish design seeing as it's an interesting pattern without the effort. 315 by Barry M is also unusual because of the bright blue colour, instead of the normal black crackle. (However if your thinking of getting crackle, any colour looks amazing.) 

350 Diamond Glitter - Adding glitter to the top of manicures just finishes them perfectly. Especially Diamond Glitter as it's got loads of different size glitter shapes making your manicure a little bit on the crazy side!

Vanilla - When it's time to return to work on Monday, this polish is brilliant to apply just to neutralise your nails. It's a slight grey nude colour so that it's not completely invisible as well as being a matte effect making it blend even more. It's a must if you are one of those workers/students only allowed to where beige or nudes to work.

Magnetic Burgundy - Another simple effect to bright up the nails if your just getting to grips with nail art. The polish itself is a brilliant colour in it's own right, a metallic red with a hint of gold running through it. However if your more adventurous, the magnetic effect is worth a go as it creates gold strips across the nails without needing much skill or brains. (Luckily for me!)

Blackberry - Last but by no means least is this great navy polish. It's a great combination polish, as it's sophisticated enough for a night out as well as being simple enough to wear on the nails for the remainder of the weekend. Blackberry's name gives away the fact its a darker blue but this is no downside seeing as it's a change from the normal bright blues that are out there...

Now these are just the top five from the stash that I own, there are plenty more brilliant polishes from Barry M yet to be discovered. Have you got a Barry M that you've fallen in love with? Even though Boots and Superdrug are being avoided at the moment, the new releases may appear in these picks soon.


  1. I don't think I could pick just 5 Barry M's!

    1. They are all brilliant! Just these ones are a little bit more brilliant for me :)



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