Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Toning it down a little: 150 Mauve Kiss by Mabelline Colour Show

Good morning chicks! Now it probably doesn't come as a great surprise that the bright nails I show you guys aren't allowed at my current workplace, meaning they have to be removed or toned down in colour. It's been the first option for a while now as bright is always better in my books. Yet it's been quite a trend for toned down nails therefore here's my trial of the shade.
Admittedly it doesn't look all that amazing in the bottle due to the lack of ommph and the additional nail polish settling. But please bear with this little post as it does get better. The colour is 150 Mauve Kiss from the current Maybelline Colour Show collection, surprising origins as the rest of the collection is rather in your face colour wise.

Looking good so far and also a little different as they blend into the hand rather than stand out as per usual. The solution of 150 Mauve Kiss was as great as other Maybelline Colour Show polishes I've encountered, a good thickness which isn't either gloopy or runny, opaque coverage across the nails which is especially important with lighter shades and they aren't too streaky when applying the first coat and will even out by the second coat:
My nails have a nude/natural polish on them and I am liking it! That's probably a good compliment to Maybelline Colour Show collection for creating one that'll please my select nail polish criteria. It's evened out across the nail as well becoming slightly more opaque which also is made it a tad darker. Have you got any colours you'd avoid for your nails? This is a fab colour, I'd recommend this to bright colour lovers to give it a try.


  1. I'm like you, I love bright nails but it just doesn't feel right wearing it for work. This colour looks really good though! I bought a similar Colour Show one called Latte (I think) for work, I may have to consider getting this one now too! P.s. I'd love you to take part in my World Cup comp if you're interested, no worries if not :) xx

    1. It's a great colour for wearing to work as it blends quite well with your hands instead of standing out. I'll have to check your world cup competition out! :D



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