Thursday, 19 June 2014

Purple has taken over.

Purple has been a life long favourite colour, however over the past year it's taken a back seat to the current favourite of navy which has taken over every aspect of my life (including every item of clothing which I wear) yet recently purple has claimed back the nail polish department when casually choosing colours for everyday wear. Besides the work's nude nail polishes, this is the colour which I've been reaching for meeting up with family/friends or just staying in weekends. So here's some highlight of the purple collection which has been growing in the stash slowly but surely behind the rapid growth of navy.

So here goes our little show and tell of the purple picks. Firstly we have Sally Hansen's Good to Grape which is a must to try out seeing as it's slightly different to normal purple pastels as it has a slight hint of grey so it's not too sickly sweet pastle. Next in the line up is Barry M's Bright Purple which the name has given away why it was included due to the fact it stands out from the rest on the nails as well as having the Barry M brush and solution making it a winner. Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac is the complete opposite as it's a light pastle purple would be perfect for a baby's room - it's that cute! With a little bit of effort, the polish comes out lovely and understated on the nails. Then there's NYC's Wet With Passion, it's colour would make a perfect berry smoothie. Deep and very purple. Additionally won't break the bank like a coffee morning out. Finally is the lovely Sinful Color's Fig which is the only metallic purple in this little ensemble similar to Bright Purple but with an added extra of a shimmer. Perfect for a night out with the girls and the weekend after as it last very well. May need to end this little post here as all I can see is purple...


  1. Purple is my favourite colour so I'm loving this post! All about the purple polishes! Oddly, I don't have that many purple polishes but I'll soon be changing that...

    x x

    1. Purple has always been the top colour choice of mine and there's definitely more than a few in mine... Oops!



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