Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Another Colour Adventure: Grey Matter by Rimmel 60 Seconds

Recently the colours of polishes featured in these little posts have been getting ever more adventurous compared to my usual colour palette. Today is no exception. It's not an in colour at the moment compared to neon pastels, however it was picked up at a car-boot sale for the grand price of 20p. A risk even I can take on a bottle of polish...
But I will admit that if this had been in a shop, it probably wouldn't of been purchased as it's not a colour of choice. Hopefully this little swatching session will make me see the light! The polish is called Grey Matter from the 60 Seconds collection by Rimmel. It's a light grey in colour as the name suggests and it could even fit in with the pastel type trend. Here's the first coat:

Applying Grey Matter follows a Rimmel 60 Seconds polish pattern, whereby the first coat isn't even in appearance as it's streaky and a little bit patchy in areas. However this hopefully means that it'll all be restored in the second coat as other Rimmel 60 Seconds do. As for the colour, it's not at all bad or what I was expecting to appear like. Do you like it? I am not quite sure yet...

Looking a much better across all the nails, it may need a third coat if applied again. It seems Grey Matter is one of those colours that will grow on me over time as all of the polishes do. Just a little note, some nails may appear uneven but it's not Grey Matter's fault instead it's the top coat which was applied. It's gone a little gloopy as it was left open... Whats your opinion on this polish? Or just grey in general as a polish? Hopefully this post hasn't offended any grey colour lovers.


  1. I've just used this in my latest mani and you're totally right, it looks great with pastels! :)

    1. It's brilliant with pastels as it tones the overall appearance down from being sickly-sweet. I'll have to check out your latest manicure!



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