Thursday, 15 May 2014

GOT Challenge: Texture.

Now it's been quite a while since a GOT challenge has been participated in, probably due to the other posts which have been created and then just HAVE to be put up because they need to be seen straight away. (Not really that's just me being silly.) Anyway onto the actual posts, it's going to be a flying visit with a textured polish:
It doesn't come as a great surprise that it's a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish as these were very heavily featured a while back in a series of blog posts. (They can be found here, here, here and finally here!) Sugar Coat polishes went down really well as the effect came out much better than anticipated, so much so I'd go and check for them in the pound shops. Bubble Plum was purchased and never used so it's from the great pile of unused polishes.

Bubble Plum was really easy to apply, it has a flat ended brush instead of curved - which today really helped applying the polish. Colourwise it's a little more pink on the nails than how it appears in the photograph. Bubble Plum is purple and pink slightly in colour. Overall this polish came out really well and it's fun having a flashback to all the texturized polishes...  


  1. Replies
    1. Do you mean the GOT series? It's brilliant, you get to reuse old polishes that are great just forgotten about! :)

  2. I love Sally Hansen Sugar Coat's! That's such a lovely shade too :)!

    1. It's a great mixture of purple and pink. Sugar coats are amazing, I've yet to find another brand which does texture like this!



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