Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sinful Colors Collection: Top Five Picks

Now some of last week's posts were written in advance seeing as I was off exploring for the week and wouldn't be able to reach a laptop for enough time to blog. One of the posts was my personal top five picks from Barry M as a whole, which wasn't easy to choose just five but was a pleasure to write. Therefore a few other polish brands have been chosen to have the top five shown in a little post. It's Sinful Colors today!

Savage - A brilliant blue, it's not navy or pastel instead somewhere in between. This is a pro point for this time of year being bright but not quite bold yet. It's a matte polish instead of the normal gloss, at first this was a con however it's grown on me quite a lot and if you don't like it just add a top coat. Overall a lush colour. 

Sugar Sugar - It's an eye catcher to say it mildly, this polish is a bright red with the addition of red glitter/shimmer running through it. Perfect for a night out (on the town or something else!) as well as everyday wear seeing as it appears as a normal red in daylight meaning it doesn't look too over the top...

Rise and Shine - Sadly this one hasn't been swatched yet for you guys, but that doesn't mean it's not brilliant. Colourwise it's halfway between teal and green which is a happy medium. It can be seen as an all year colour as it doesn't really fit into any of the seasons - probably why it's so well loved.

Snow Me White - Buying this particular polish has been put off for a while due to the price point because it needed to be an opaque polish. (This generally isn't found in cheaper polishes...) However loads of other bloggers use it regularly so it was purchased. No regrets over this decision. It's a great base coat for nail art due to it's very opaque and really easy to apply.

Fig - Finally Fig, a slightly metallic dark purple polish. Any polish which is metallic purple will be purchased as it's a favourite, this polish did the colour proud as it's generally a dream to apply and the results are the colour I wish for. This is a definite recommend out of the top five picks especially seeing as the polish is relatively cheap.

Would you guys recommend any different from Sinful Colors? I know Cinderella by Sinful Colors is a blogger favourite, it just never really worked for me - the polish or colour itself. And as always there's probably more gems that haven't yet been discovered by Sinful Colors!! 


  1. Being a coral addict, I highly recommend Island Coral! It's absolutely perfect! Good picks!

    1. I believe I own Island Coral - just haven't used it yet. Must give it a go!



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