Saturday, 14 June 2014

10 Amazing Polishes in £10!

It's a brilliant way to find amazing products at the poundshops which have been springing up on the highstreet especially nail polishes. However it's not so good when they are swatched once for this little blog and then disappear forever into the stash never to be seen again. So today's going to be the 10 makeup products in £10 tag but with a little Addicted to nails... twist:
It's going to be 10 polishes which add up to exactly £10 seeing as 90% of these chosen polishes were purchased in the poundshops! Except one which came from a local 99p shop instead. Just to say this post isn't bragging about the bargains which have been claimed and also doesn't mean you should all run out and spend all you hard earn pennies in the poundshops either. Okay? Here we go:

Now this brand regularly appears in the discount shops but that definitely doesn't mean they are bad quality or not long lasting, in fact they are quite the opposite. These beauties are; 845 Make a Splash (found here), 502 Stuck in the Mud (swatched here and here.) and 805 Grey Matter (blog post here). These combined with a good top coat; last really well on the nails, don't chip easily and they are easy to apply with fantastic colour choices.
Sally Hansen is top of the favourite brands list however all of the collections aren't readily available in the UK, yet they can be found sometimes in the poundshops. This is a great combination of great polishes and fab prices. This ones are; 812 Nightwatch - Salon Manicure collection, 905 Red-y Response - Magnetic collection (more detail here), 100 Bubble Plum - Sugar Coat collection (blog post here) and finally one of the top favourites 320 Co-Bolt Blue - Insta-Dry collection (featured here!) Sally Hansen polishes never disappoint on promised effects especially the Sugar Coat collection, they last really well and there's loads of eye catching polishes to choose from.

Here's the last few random polishes due to when they appear in poundshops they don't last long at all. They are too popular... These are 325 Hot Gossip by Rimmel Pro (post found here), Porcelain Pink by Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (it's here) and 978 Lightening Bolt by China Glaze. Both Pro polishes last forever on the nails when applied correctly and they are both really opaque on application. As for the China Glaze, it's a crackle polish which is still really popular with myself and this one was a brilliant brand at a steal for 99p. Who cares if no one else likes crackle still!?
So that's 10 brilliant nail polishes all for £10 which are a vast selection of colours and brands. Maybe it's persuaded you to try for the cheaper option and have a rummage round the local poundshops! It's got me using some maybe unused polishes again after seeing the lovely swatches. May do this again to have a rummage through the stash...


  1. I wished that shop like this one exists where I live ! You've got some lovely nail polishes for £10 !

    1. It's not just one shop sadly, it's a collection of places! If only it was one place...



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