Thursday, 5 June 2014

Appearance of another duotone: Mediterranean by Barry M

When this collection first appeared, the hype didn't really reach myself as duotones haven't gone down well in the past. However once this polish was swatched, I was completely converted to duotones as it really appear to be two colours at once as well as having a lot of staying power on the nails. The amazing collection which has converted the feelings towards duotones is Barry M's Aquarium collection. And today is going to feature another one of these lovely polishes:
Now it's a little different from the usual nail polish palette which are normally swatched but I promise you it's a great colour choice. It's called Mediterranean from Aquarium collection by Barry M, the duotone effect is between orange and a rose gold. (sort of - not really any other way to describe it!) It appears metallic orange in everyday light and then the rose gold appears when moving your hands and in brighter light. Shall we go ahead and see the swatches?

Just look at the duotone effect - it's so pretty. Even I have to admit that orange and gold aren't colours that are loved by myself, yet in this combination they look really nice on the nails as well as with my skin tone. Application wise the polish is a little tricky to apply as some areas need three coats but it's worth the effort. Mediterranean's solution was good wasn't gloopy at all and the straight edged brush was fine for applying the polish.  What do you think of the Aquarium collection polishes? This one was such a surprise, the others may be on the "to buy" list... 


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Great swatches xx

  2. This looks so pretty! I already have Pacific from this collection but I'm really tempted to buy this now! :)

    1. I have to admit I wasn't all that fussed by the colour, however it turned out really well on the nails! Thanks. :)



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