Thursday, 26 December 2013

A lovely christmas present review.

Hello! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Today being the day after Christmas, I thought you'd all like something to entertain you for a few minutes so I am going to show you two of my brilliant presents in order to create this lovely nail effect. I am not bragging either! Here we go...
These are the varnishes I have used to create these nails; Berry Juicy by Sally Hansen, Base & Top Coat by Barry M and SNP1 White by Barry M. There are two colours due to the fact that SNP1 White was tried out by itself, then realising that it's an effect therefore not good enough coverage by itself. So a base colour was chosen.
First base coat completed. On to the next as it's really needed to make the colour shine through.

Right now that the base coat is completed the effect is going to be put on top. As for reviewing Berry Juicy by Sally Hansen, it's a brilliant light pale pink but it's held back by the fact that you need three coats as it can come out a bit streaky when just one or two coats. The application is lovely goes on easily! Therefore good nail polish if you have the time to apply it. 

The fun part - adding the effects on top of it! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love glitter on top of the colours. This effect was a range of colour sequins in a light white colour polish that doesn't really show up by itself but is great to put on top of others. Colours of the sequins include; green, yellow, red, blue, silver and gold. Luckily this means you can put it with any other colour!!! I am just too excited by this fact. So I'd definitely pick this nail effect for painting your nails if you're going out to a Christmas party, meeting up with friends or just because you love glitter nail polish like me...

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