Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Current favourite - 503 Mind the gap, Victoria.

Not only is the colour just lush, the nail polish itself reminds me of a brilliant weekend away to Paris with a good friend. The colour is a light pastel blue which when applied with only two coats comes out brilliantly and opaque therefore you don't spend ages painting believing that'll be the last coat when in fact it isn't. That believe me is really annoying after a while. The colour is light enough to be a pastel colour yet still bright enough to stand out by itself next to the brilliant outfit you planned to go with it (which in my case took hours). Yet it doesn't take hours to remove it either, so your able to change colours when you change clothes also. In addition to all these lovely pros to the nail varnish, it's a high street nail polish therefore easy to find - I am unsure if it's just a London nail varnish as the reference to London underground is pretty strong, and it's not going to leave your purse empty for the rest of the week. So I recommend you give it a try as this colour and brand is brilliant. And gets noticed by others!

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