Friday, 13 December 2013

Buying Nail Polishes: £1 shop thrift!

Whilst sat staring at my nail polish collection wondering what on earth I was going to post about, I thought that I'd give the guys and girls who live in the UK a few tips on buying cheaper yet equally as good nail polishes from the £1 shops. (or near to me is the 99p stores) You may be thinking at this point that I am going to post about less know brands that aren't in high-street drugstores, well your going to be proved incorrect as I show you some of the brands I have searched and found in these inexpensive stores...

As you can see from the photograph, these aren't all cheap nail varnishes. Would you like the tips and tricks to how to get them? Hopefully you said yes because I am telling you anyway...
  • To get the best bargains within these stores don't be afraid of going through all the different racks on the shelf as the goodies most probably are hiding at the back as the ones at the front have gone then been replaced with something else at the front.
  • The brand names aren't going to stand out as they are normally placed in a clear bag so that the bottle can be seen without having to pay for a new label. So you should look for the rack with nail polishes in the clear bags as these are the brands bought by the shop at a reduced price.
  • As shown by the MNY Maybelline polishes in the picture, don't be put of by the fact it's aimed at young teens because it's a brilliant brand Maybelline, in my experience they are as good just in colours that weren't popular with young girls. The colours I collected was lovely silver and shimmery black.
  • Get to know your brands! Then it is waaaaaaaaaay easier to spot a good brand a mile off. Local to me is a lot of china glaze nail polishes in the 99p store but people around me don't know the brand so therefore aren't buying it. More for me!
  • Finally, don't be put off if a lovely nail polish is has either settled a little or split as you can just shake it for a while but the high end nail polishes can't do that for a whole batch so they sell it on. Just don't buy it if it's not in a brilliant condition. (Always check this!) 
That's it, I believe. The main thing is don't be put off by the fact it's a £1 shop because there are always some bargains in them, you just have to look for them!

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