Thursday, 19 December 2013

Getting into the spirit of things: Christmas Crackle!

Seeing as the lovely red and gold theme Christmas tree has now been put up inside the house, definitely going to beat all the other Christmas tree designs just kidding! It's now the time to get into the festivities therefore the nails should be also. After a few attempts at deciding a good colour combination I copied the tree colours - red and gold. However seeing as I am so addicted to crackle at the moment, the red is going to be crackle!
It's a combination of Gemey Paris by Maybelline New York and Red Shatter by OPI. The gold is definitely a mute gold as opposed to a bright gold so that it lets the red stand out and also so my fingers don't look too much like a bright Christmas tree...
Layer number one: Good so far! Definitely needs another coat as it's quite see through at the moment.
Layer number two: Okay-ish coverage, it's fine seeing as the crackle layer is going on over the top but sadly you'd need another layer or possibly two if your just wearing it as it is. Therefore the nail varnish doesn't get a total thumbs up.
Here's the final results! And another shot of the Christmas tree. Overall it came out pretty well, the OPI nail varnish was lovely to apply seeing as at one point too much nail polish was applied yet it didn't come out in one big blob (which does happen with less expensive nail varnish effects) also the under coat colour complimented the crackle effect! Therefore this combination has a thumbs up and a definite recommend of the OPI red shatter effect. Finally Merry Christmas!!!

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