Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Revlon Chroma Chameleon

These nail varnishes are excellent if you want metallic or chrome nails! Basically it does what the name suggests. I purchased three colours of the range as these are generally colours I go for; blue, purple and green. The best colour of the three is definitely the blue one but the other colours are equally as nice. In addition to this you don't have to spend ages applying coats to get good coverage, it only takes two layers!!

An excellent pro to these nail varnishes (as I am a superscrimper) is that they were purchased in £1 shops that can be found in many high streets across the UK meaning it didn't break the bank. They normally retail at around £4.99 in high street drugstores. They are brilliant colours and would be fantastic for the Christmas season (especially green) as they are sparkly/shimmery to match the season! They'll probably also last the season as they don't chip. I'd definitely recommend these. :)

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