Thursday, 12 December 2013

Favourites for a long time: Barry M 284 and 350

This nail colour and effect have been favourites of mine ever since I got into nail varnishes as 284 is such an emerald green which just stands out and matches most of the clothes I own. As well as this 350 as an effect goes with every colour I've ever tried (which is a lot of colours believe me!) and is just ever so sparkly which is always a plus.
 As you can probably see from this lovely photograph, I have been using this colour a lot! I painted my nails like this today and sadly I can no longer get any sparkle out of 350 (reasoning for this post) meaning I am probably going to replace it at some point as it's such a regular. If I were to recommend out of the two, I'd say go for 350 seeing as it stands out so much and it goes with any colour you have in your collection, whereas gold glitter tends really only go with gold, red and black...
Here's 284 and 350 in action on my very short nails! Give these Barry M nail polishes a chance or any other Barry M nail polishes seeing as 99% of them are amazing. (I have probably got 99% of Barry M's nail polishes.) :)

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