Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Loving crackle nail varnish a bit too much!

Hello again! As you can probably tell from the title thingy I am going to be posting about crackle nail varnish again... It's just such a simple nail varnish that adds a lot to your set of nails and it's really really easy anyone can do it. The brands I have chosen to show you my new combination is:

OPI in the colour Shatter the Scales and Rimmel Pro in the colour Jade Green which is more green than the picture shows (it comes up very turquoise in this photograph.) The OPI colour was purchased first, none of the colours I had really matched it. Then this colour caught my eye and you just know it'll match underneath the crackle. So here's the first coat.

Goodish coverage bearing in mind it's only one coat so to make the nails look really professional another coat was added...
This colour looks brilliant by itself (at this point I was tempted to leave it but I wanted the crackle also, so I carried on.) It's really deep green colour as the name suggested, a great colour also for this time of year as it's cold but not cold enough yet for me personally to go for the browns and navys. It brightens up your feeling in comparison to the bleak weather.
Fun bit now!! Adding the crackle!!
There you go - instant effect on your nails, I'd have to say that this was brilliant to put on as you could get different range of effects depending on the thickness which you applied. Tip - don't put too much on or it doesn't crackle and you get a big blob on top of the lovely painted nails. Definitely recommend this nail crackle as it was effortless to apply. Finally adding the top coat.

They came out so well, sun came out to show them off to you guys! I'd give a thumbs up to these nail varnish as they were great to put on as they weren't gloopy as well as the nail brushes were practical shapes and also dried very quickly (good for me as I am very clumsy with wet nails...) The crackle is great with other colour combinations as I found out trying with other nail colours after this success.

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