Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Purple Addict - Definitely!

Throughout my later childhood the colour I wore about 90% of the time was ... Purple. This nail varnish sums up my love of the colour as it's dark enough yet also has a metallic shimmer which is always a plus. The name of the varnish by Rimmel Pro is 406 Purple Addict which means it has a lot of expectations to fill especially for me!
Luckily for me, this nail varnish has a maxi-brush which can be seen on the top of the lid,  this makes it really easy to apply your nail varnish and get neat lines along the bottom of your nail. The other types of nail brushes don't get as good a result when I use them... The Application of the nail polish was simple; not gloopy at all, even thickness and no streaks when I painted the nails. Here's the first coat of the nail polish. p.s. I apologise in advance for the not great state of my hands at the moment... 
The first layer was a great purple colour yet it looked quite transparent on the nails as you can still see the nails underneath - which I am trying to hide. Therefore another coat was definitely needed to get the best results out of the amazing colour.
A much better result for the nails. Two coats is the best solution for this nail varnish. I haven't worn them all that long so I can't give you guys a review if this particular nail varnish chips but the Rimmel Pro collection I have tried and it definitely stays on for a while without chipping at all so fingers crossed for this one. It also comes off without any markings, so you can repaint your nails afterwards without any showing up. If you're a purple addict, this will calm your addiction to the colour as it's so nice. It has calmed mine!

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