Monday, 23 December 2013

Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue - A Recommend!

When I saw this colour I just knew I had to have it seeing as it's navy blue and metallic at the same time which is a combination of my favourite things! This was purchased in a £1 shop so I am not sure if it's either readily available in the UK or any where else for that matter... (Just did a quick search and you can get this lovely colour on Amazon.) It's a very dark colour itself yet the metallic element to the colour lifts it slightly so that it isn't mistaken for a black or a dark colour.
The applying of this nail polish was really simple! It went on smoothly with no large streaks or blobs that were visible to the eye therefore it was even. This was in a well lit room making it very easy to do but it wouldn't be hard in a normal room either. With the name of the range insta-dry I was expecting it to dry quickly but not that quickly! That was amazing! Finally it was enough coverage in the first layer to leave it as is. It came out in the first layer as if you had done about three. So a definite brand if your just quickly applying one coat and going. Here's the pictures...
That was just with the one coat, I decided to have a play and see if it looked even better with two coats but it my opinion it didn't make a huge change just more coverage overall.
They created a great coverage across the nails and the colour was amazing, so this could mean to the downside of either taking forever to come off or staining your nails when you did take it off. So I tested this by using nail polish remover to take them off and surprisingly they came off without any hassle at all! BRILLIANT! So all thumbs up from my review so far for this lovely nail polish. If you can find it near you or order it online, I'd definitely recommend this colour if your a navy fan or if you like convenient nail polishes. 

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