Saturday, 15 February 2014

Another Sugar Fix!

It's the next post in the little series about the lovely Sugar Coat nail polishes by Sally Hansen. So are you dying to find out the ones I'll be reviewing today? Well you'll be off the edge of your seat now as here are the selected polishes:
They'd be a great contrasting nail polishes, maybe I'll do odds and evens with them some day. These particular nail polishes are called 300 Cherry Drop and 200 Sugar Fix which is really cool seeing as Cherry Drops are a favourite sweet of mine which I love when I need some sort of sugar fix. Right let's get on with reviewing and showing the lovely photographs...

First up will be 300 Cherry Drop, this is certainly a bright colour. When I applied the first nail, I thought this must be an uneven part of the solution making it so bright but it wasn't all of the nails are really bright red. It's brilliant and very even coverage you could of left it there are one coat if your going on colour. However the effect wasn't at it's best so a second coat was needed sadly.

See the really really bright red now?!? Applies very well, it's even across all the nails and the brush with the polish can create really straight edges when used correctly by myself. As well as the solution applying well so did the effect creating brilliant nails with two layers:

Now there's not much change in terms of colour and coverage but the second layer was needed so that the textured effect would be fab across all the nails. Sugar Coat is really starting to grow on me! I think it's because the effect is quite small in size where as previously purchased effects like this have been rather large in size and hard to get even.
Onto the next lovely nail polish in the collection is 200 Sugar Fix. When choosing which nail polishes to purchase out of the Sugar Coat collection, this particular colour wasn't very high ranking seeing as firstly I am bright and bold kind of girl and secondly I wonder what the opacity would be. However it was chosen seeing as there was one of the 500 Razzleberry yet it had seriously separated and it's best to take a risk with new colours. Here's the first coat:

It's gone on well across the nails, some more opaque than others but that can hopefully be fixed with another coat of polish. But overall there are much more white in colour than expected hopefully three coats won't be needed as once thought. The solution was easy to use and apply, quite runny but that made it easier to put onto the nail with the effect as well. Here's the final coat...

Completely opaque white nails! Really cool polish however next time I might wait after removing another polish so that it doesn't show up around the edges of the nails - that's not the polishes fault, that's mine. Another fab colour in the Sugar Coat collection, overall it's easy to apply, quick to dry and appears on the nails fabulously!


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster award :)

  2. i really like the white, theres something about it that makes it seem so lovely!


  3. These look like gorgeous polishes, I keep seeing them in my local drug stores, might have to pick a couple up!
    I nominated you for the Liebster blog award in my last blog post!

    Well done! :) xx

  4. Thanks for the nominations guys! I'll definitely have my response post up in the next few days. The white Sugar Coat is a really brilliant combination of colour and texture, I'd really recommend any of these. :D



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