Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rimmel Pro - Navy Seal

Sorry there's no GOT challenge today, just a simple review! Rimmel Pro is definitely growing in my estimations as well as in quantity within the collection, this is due to how reliable I find it. There's never any real question when looking at in the store that it might be gloopy or runny as previous experience with the brand is fab. That means if I like the colour and the price, I'll buy it. This particular colour isn't an exception to the rule as it's brilliant. (If ever I find a Rimmel Pro that doesn't live up to expectations you'll be the first to know.) Lovely colour and lovely application.
This little beauty is called 411 Navy Seal. It's a brilliant colour due to the fact isn't a normal navy colour - its dark blue but with a slight hint of a grey colour making it slightly different to the vast majority of navy colours. These can sometimes be quite loud in colour, however this one seems lightly less bold and a little bit mute. Well the photographs will speak for themselves...

Hopefully those show the slight colour difference to you guys. One of the brilliant factors of Rimmel Pro nail polishes is that they have 'maxi' brushes with them, which I love as they are really good for applying neat nail varnish to the nail instead of the rest of your finger where it isn't wanted. Really nice solution of polish which wasn't too runny even though it was quite thin compared to others.

Now that is a navy that your probably going to see a lot more of, it's really easy to apply and remove. (No staining at all.) The brush is really nice and wide to get into all the areas of the nails needed to paint, solution is just the right consistency. Most of all it's just a fabulous colour all around.


  1. This is such a pretty navy colour! Nice swatches :) xx

    1. It certainly is a great navy- not as dark as navy normally is. :)



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