Thursday, 6 February 2014

GOT Challenge: Green

Hello! This week's choosing of a nail polish was an easy peasy decision seeing as the first ever green polish that was purchased is still my favourite one to this day. Although it hasn't been used in a while therefore it was the one to be picked. After that the design was a little tricky but The Sequined Nail's Metallic Spot Gradient definitely inspired this quick little art design over the top!
These are selected nail polishes; NP 284 by Barry M (It's so old it's lost it's name.) and 819 Sublime Plantine by L'Oreal. The combination was due to the fact they are both metallic polishes meaning they'd compliment each other. Barry M will be the base colour as the Challenge is based on green this week and L'Oreal is the nail art colour. Here's the first coat...

So far, so green. This polish isn't very opaque on this coat however it does improve with the next coat or else it wouldn't be my favourite green polish. It's metallic aspect definitely does improve it or it would be quite a light colour. Onto the next coat.

At this stage the colour really comes out, it appears really emerald in colour especially with the metallic aspect. Hopefully added the extra colour of metallic will draw this out a lot! Here we go:

Silvery spots on the nails! These'll been shown off all through tomorrow when they'll be worn out and about. Have you guys done any spots recently? Well do have a nosey through the other great designs for this week's colour. 


  1. This design is so cute! I love the colour combination you've used! :)

    1. Thanks, the silver looks like it's remover drops that have taken out the colour at the moment!



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