Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Liebster Award!

Now I've seen this title been floating around the blog-sphere a while now either on posts or down the side of the blog, I've always wondered what you had to do to get nominated (this is when I first started) then kind of forgot. But today I had a lovely little comments on one of the posts from PrettyBritish44 and Sarah Smiles saying that they'd nominated me. I've done a little research about it and other's who I'd nominate so here we go! 

The Liebster Award was created to help bloggers with under 200 followers get noticed. The rules are as follows...

  • If you get nominated you must acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you asked
  • Nominate 11 people who have less than 200 followers and create 11 questions for them to answer
  • Let the 11 nominees know that you are nominating them
First off is the 11 random facts about myself:
  1. I hate sprouts and other green things.
  2. I love skittles. Any flavour combination.
  3. The first nail blog I came across was The Nailasaurus and that got me hooked.
  4. I am a lover of alternative/punk/metal music, anything in this genre area I'd probably love.
  5. I used to play the baritone.
  6. Italy was the best place I've ever been too, love to go again!
  7. I would eat pasta for every meal if I could.
  8. Currently have two jobs.
  9. I'd love to visit Japan or China, don't really know why...
  10. I don't have any pets.
  11. My favourite books are the Morganville Vampire series.
PrettyBristish44's questions:

Chilli chocolate, yes or no?
-It's a no seeing as plain milk chocolate is the best and my preference.
What type of animal scares you the most?
-Truefully dogs and cats, I've had this weird phobia of them since I was little after I got chased by one...
Are you allergic to anything?
-Nothing major that I know of, only ant bites which I'd think was pretty common.
What was the last thing you ate?
-Confused Skittles in the car journey to shopping and a day out with the sister.
What's the next event you'll be attending?
-Family birthday gathering this evening.
Lipstick or lipgloss?
-Lipstick, not that I really wear either very much.
Long nails or short nails?
-Short nails seeing as they never grow long.
What inspired you to start a blog?
-Family and Friends where fed up of hearing about my nail obsession.
What is your all time favourite brand?
-Barry M for their amazing nail polishes.
What is your dream job?
-A Teacher
What's your favourite piece of clothing that you're wearing right now?
-Bodywarmer as I am an always cold person.

Sarah Smile's questions:

Favourite place to visit?
-Currently I really like visiting and going to paint-a-pot shops as it lets me be much more creative on a larger canvass than nails.
Typical order from Starbucks/Costa?
-Sadly it would be the smoothies that they sell seeing as I don't drink tea or coffee.
Proudest moment so far while blogging?
-Reaching 1000 page views in the blog's 2nd month.
All time favourite song?
-I am not really sure, the most played song on my iTunes is Bones by Young Guns.
Victoria sponge or chocolate cake?
-Victoria Sponge if it's homemade by my mum, chocolate cake if it's out and about town.
Do you have/plan to get an tattoos?
-Not ever.
Favourite season?
-Winter as it covers up the fact I am always so cold.
Favourite nail polish colour ever?
-Emerald Green by Barry M
What do you imagine you'll be doing in ten years time?
-Being a teacher with my own class.
One piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a blog?
-Only do it if you have a lot of spare time as you'll become addicted to reading lots of others.
If you could only read one blog forever, who would it be and why?
-The Nailasaurus seeing as it's the first one I came across and it's always so pretty!

My nominees
Two by two, Nails of blue
The Pink PrincessZ
Shade of Shell
Dainty Daisy
A Ginger's Nail...
Rye's Nail Art Experience
The Lacquer Chronicles
(Sorry there's only 10, I'll add another when I find one!)

My questions to you:
What was the first blog you started following?

Do you have an unusual fear or phobia of something?

Matte or Gloss nails?

What's your favourite high-street store?

What did you dream of doing as a job when you were little?

Have you got any nicknames?

What's your favourite celebrity at the moment?

What's your current colour on your nails (or last)?

Last 'sweet treat' you had?

Do you prefer your hair up or down?

Current favourite film?

This is a brilliant post to receive and definitely write, especially seeing as you get to look up a load of new bloggers! See you soon.


  1. I love that your first fact is that you hate sprouts, haha! :-) x

    1. Everyone needs to know my hatred for those round green things! :)



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