Friday, 27 December 2013

Sister's Party Nails - A Lovely Teal.

Seeing as my lovely sister found out about my blog today, she wanted to become a nail polish model for me - which is really good seeing as she has way better nails than me! As my sister is going to a party tomorrow, the colour nail polish was chosen due to the fact it'll colour match her outfit. I like them so much on her, I want to take of my nail polish and put this one on...

It's Rimmel Pro again - Ooops! It looks like I've been on a Rimmel Pro shopping spree but I promise I haven't. The colour is 381 Jade Green with additional Base & Top Coat by Barry M. Colour-wise Jade Green is more blue in colour than bright green personally which is a good thing. No shimmer or matte, just plain colour for a change.

So sorry about the lighting, these were taken in the evening meaning not brilliant lighting in the little house. Application was good, made use of the wide brush supplied with the varnish. Even coverage most of the time with a few teeny tiny streaks. However it does dry fairly quickly, this being the first layer as it's not completely opaque another layer and top coat needs to be added.

Much better colour and coverage (and much better lighting for you guys.) Therefore brilliant nail polish so far, I've just consulted my sister with her manicure and apparently it doesn't chip bearing in mind she's been trying to chip it to test it out. As I have probably said previously is that this collection is a definite recommend as the application and wear is brilliant. And finally the colour is lovely especially on my sister's nails who was a fab nail polish model...


  1. This colour is gorgeous! I think I might have to get it! :)

    1. I'd definitely recommend it and the rest of the collection! :)



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