Thursday, 23 January 2014

GOT Challenge: Blue

Trying to decide what to do for this post was a little bit of a conundrum for myself this week seeing as all the blue nail polish which are in my collection have been purchased fairly recently in my eyes therefore I didn't know whether to 'skip' this week or to use a fairly recent nail polish in the shade of blue. Then inspiration hit when looking through all the other fabulous GOT entries this week - Vic and Her Nails used a crackle nail polish that was blue which they say is due to naivety when purchasing the product. This is similar to mine and the reason for the colour combination. (I'll explain!)

I believed that the blue crackle was the best out of the crackle collection therefore I got it, not realising what limited colours I had in the rest of the tiny collection which meant I had to be inventive with the colour combinations. Bright pink and bright blue was chosen as colour popping was very much in fashion at the time and this combination was worn very regularly for about 2 months!! The nail polishes are 315 Nail Effects by Barry M and 270 Hot Shot by Rimmel which are very much the oldies of the collection.

It's getting a bit gloopy and not as runny. Not looking good if it's getting too old to be used easily - really need to purchase some nail polish thinner... But it's still a brilliant a colour as it used to be as it's really bright pink and creamy solution to apply to the nails. Here's the fun bit of the nail application process, adding crackle!

Contrasting colours a little bit too much but it definitely reflects my obsession for bright colours. Applying crackle is still as fun as it normally is, as you get to see it appear right before your eyes, although this time the crackle wasn't as easy going to apply seeing as it may have been left open (oopsy daisy!) as it dries almost instantly. To make the blue crackle to really pop out above the bright pink, a top coat is needed! Here it is:

Now it looks a little more like a crazy combination than rational combination of choice but hey! It definitely stands out from the crowd and goes with almost any outfit as it's such an abstract colour choice therefore independent of your clothing. I'll probably use the crackle more often now, as the collection has accumulated some nail polish that match the colour a little more subtly... Do you guys have any crazy but cool combinations of nail polish?! 

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