Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Combination of Magnetic Polishes.

When I last posted about magnetic nail polish, I did get a bit crazy seeing as there were two posts in quick succession about magnetic nail polishes which I thought was a bit naughty of me but there is now an upside to this because I have needed the magnets from them on another magnetic nail polish which I purchased recently. Now the Sally Hansen "Silver Elements" Magnetic Nail Polish Review was very positive seeing as it was really easy once you read the instructions, but I do confess this isn't such as positive review sadly.
Slate Spark by Sally Hansen is a lovely coloured nail polish seeing as it's a metallic-y style nail polish with hints of glitter which is blue so it stands out from the rest. However the design of the magnetic is the great let-down on this particular nail polish seeing as the design is slightly misleading as it doesn't come out like it should...
The left one is the lid that came with the magnet which I thought would mean the design would be like crosses on the nails however this didn't happen and the design was way bigger the nail so it didn't appear as the lid design. BUT the nail polish was salvaged! I used another nail polish magnet lid which was also used - Barry M "Burgundy" Magnetic Nail Varnish and the nail polish was saved, here are the results:

There you go, a brilliant polish but not a brilliant magnet to go with it. I am hopeful that I just received a dud magnet seeing as the previous magnetic nail polish by Sally Hansen was brilliant and easy to use. Another lesson for you guys that you can mix and match the magnetic lids meaning less purchases as you can re-use other nail polish magnets!

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