Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Youtube discovery: Part Three.

It's the last in this series! I'll probably get some more of this lovely brand as I've liked it so much after doing them for this blog... The colour I am reviewing today from the Sinful Color collection is possibly the favourite of the Youtubers seeing as it was mentioned many times. Therefore it's popularity is why I chose it as well as the lovely colour.
The colour itself is a very mute green/teal which contrasts the name of the nail polish seeing as apples are very very green. The camera doesn't show up this element but it also has a light shimmer as well. That's always a plus!
That's the first coat of the nail varnish which was really easy to apply, thanks to the lovely brush in the nail polish and the solution of the nail polish made it simple to do. Only thing needed at this point is another coat definitely.
So far so lovely a colour, brilliant colour for this season which I never seem to accomplish as I am a sucker for any colour! Brilliant application for a nail polish in addition to the fact that it only costs £2. (Brilliant for a budget!) Only thing now is a final coat which is still needed with this colour.

Just fab! No major downsides to this one - only a bit streaky in places and needs three coats at points. Therefore I'd agree with all the fabulous Youtube reviewers as this is really nice.

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