Thursday, 9 January 2014

Vanilla - Yum Yum.

Yet another lovely Barry M nail varnish that has been hidden away in the growing nail polish collection and it hasn't been shown to the lovely nail polish blog that I currently have going... As I follow many lovely bloggers myself, I realise that this particular matte nail varnish is quite popular. (reapplying it for this little post has made me realise this fact also.
Matte is a fairly new thing to the nail varnish collection - being the first matte that I own and it was bought as a present for my birthday as it's a light, nude colour. (Currently working means that the only nail varnish I am allowed is light pinks or colours matching my skin - a new nail polish was needed seeing as I am addicted to bright colours which aren't allowed...) Therefore being matte isn't the only new thing, the light colour is new too in comparison to the other nail varnish I am in possession of.

It's ever so weird doing matte nail polish as they don't shimmer in the lighting, ensuring the colours are exactly the same as they actually are! Vanilla is really really similar to skin colour as it's slightly pink in a light brown, making it a must if you need a nude colour for work. The matte effect was also be a plus for this use of the nail varnish as it doesn't stand out as much as a gloss polish would. First layer has coverage all over and there weren't any streaks visible to the eye.

Applying the second coat is a bit of an unusual sensation seeing as you're expecting it to be gloss and therefore apply like a gloss polish, but it doesn't which takes getting used to in order to get the best result of the nail polish. Application of Vanilla was perfectly fine as there weren't any glops or areas that were grainy. (which you'd expect from a matte) I haven't worn this manicure yet but I am negatively guessing that it'll chip easily in comparison to others seeing as you can't really apply a top coat as it's gloss therefore ruining the matte effect... Wait and see for the results!

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