Sunday, 12 January 2014

Crackle for a trip away!

Now I was setting this post to be put up on a certain day seeing as I was going away. But when I arrived back I realised that this didn't happen and there's been no new blogs, so here is what you guys where suppose to get two days ago... I wanted to paint my nails extra specially well so that they would look amazing with little effort and they'd last all the trip. What is simple to create an amazing effect on your nails? It wont come as a surprise that I'll be using crackle nail varnish, it appears in seconds and doesn't make a mess! I'll reveal the crackle nail varnish a little later on in this little blog but here's the base colour which has been picked...

It's recently been reviewed on this little blog and it made such an impression I am doing it again. (really soon after...) This little beauty is a Sinful Colors nail polish that I picked up in Boots and the colour is Savage which is a bright blue which is one of the many favourite colours I have currently. There is only one con I have to disclose to you guys today is that I discovered that the brush in this nail polish is a terror for dripping nail polish everywhere! And I promise it's not my poor holding skills which causes this. Onwards and upwards to the crackle nail polish, these crackles are probably seriously out of date seeing as they were purchased at a 99p shop but they are good quality, they are:
China Glaze - Platinum Pieces and Oxidized Aqua which are really really really glittery crackle nail polishes which look really great, the only downside is that they don't stand out as well as normal crackle nail polishes seeing as they aren't a solid colour. Here's the results...

Pretty crackle-ly and glittery! That's all my Christmas wishes rolled into one nail polish! Obviously the crackle lines don't stand out that clearly as others would but I think I'll be able to live with that seeing as it's glittery... They wouldn't be top of my recommend list for nail polishes but if you can get them at the price I did, I'd recommend them then. If you can't I'd recommend the solid colours by this brand instead.

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