Friday, 3 January 2014

Youtube discovery: Part One

The wonders and discoveries that you can make on Youtube are brilliant, it's brilliance has helped me discover the lovely nail polish brand called Sinful Colors. Before Youtube (was there ever life before Youtube? Just Kidding!) I thought that the brand Sinful Colors was the cheap and not very colours that would probably stain brand as they are very inexpensive. But yesterday when I was surfing the internet, I discovered reviews of this lovely brand saying how good it is in America! Therefore I had to try them, here is part one of the Sinful Colors review.
Also this will be the first time using the Insta-Dri Top Coat by Sally Hansen! The first colour from the Sinful Colors collection is ... Savage. Just to say there are going to be three parts to this theme of Sinful Colors seeing as they were all bought at the same time, it doesn't mean I wont buy any more either. And apologies in advance for the not very brilliant photographs there wasn't much good light today.

Actually applying this nail varnish was fabulous seeing as the brush itself was a really wide maxi brush or the normal thin brushes, it was halfway between the too which is perfect for my nails which aren't very wide - making it a lot easier to not get it on the rest of your fingers! Coverage was about 50/50 as some areas were really well covered (you could of left it at one coat on these nails) but others came out a little streaky meaning not very opaque. The only mistake I made was to pick up the bottle due to the name - it had a lot of supporters on Youtube but I didn't check whether it was gloss or matte. It's matte which I didn't really want but you can always apply a topcoat!

There's the second coat and another apology for the photographs of it - they aren't that brilliant are they!? Once the coverage of the nail varnish was sorted with a second coat, a top coat was added to make it gloss again.

 Overall there are no faults with this lovely nail varnish especially with it's very low price tag compared to others out there. The colour of Savage is brilliant, probably not very fitting with the season better in summer. But that's never affected me! Additionally the top coat was excellently quick once you get over the initial wave of impatience... 

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