Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Red-y Response

Starting this little post is really really hard, I've been twiddling my thumbs for about the last half an hour so it's just going to start like this. Anyone who has read my blog for a little while or a long while will probably know that magnetic nail polish is a must in the collection of mine. And yet another magnetic nail polish has been added to the ever growing collection when I accidentally popped into the £1 shops the other day as mentioned in this confession, I'll have to apologise to my purse at some point but here's the offending magnetic article...

Another Sally Hansen which is called Red-y Response which is a slight red but in my opinion it's a purple also. Basically it's not the normal or average bright red nail polish you see everyday if you catch my drift on this. When you apply the first coat of this, you'll be amazed at the opacity of the nail polish - you could leave it there it's got that good coverage of the nail meaning no streaks or gaps in which you can see underneath the nail polish. Additionally it's a lovely colour all by itself without the magnetism but that wouldn't be as fun.

Such a rich colour on it's own, with only one coat meaning it's very quick to apply and get good looking nails. The dry time of the nail polish was pretty quick also meaning less time between the first coat and then the fun coat! Applying the magnet to the nail is a fairly simple process and they are all usually the same, the only difference with Sally Hansen's is that you need to apply a thick coat the second coat rather than a thin coat. Here we go:

Sally Hansen's magnets for this process create really neat lines of the magnet stripes if you keep the magnet still which creates a great professional nails. The only downside is that this magnet design is the same as a few other magnetic designs by Sally Hansen which means not much difference except from the actual colour of the nail polish. Saying that I personaly cannot complain as this nail polish was purchased for £1 therefore all the silly little cons are neutralised. Overall Sally Hansen has produced another great nail polish especially the colour.

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