Monday, 20 January 2014

UFO - Bright and Sparkly!

Hello readers! It's not a brilliant day today weather wise where I am sitting and typing this little post for you guys but the nail polish I have chosen to review today will certainly cheer you up or better put brighten you up. It's just such a bright colour and really stands out especially the nail polish which is the added effect, making your nails shine..
This is the base colour for my nails so that the lovely new glitter will be bold and stand out from other nails! The base colour is 440 Siren by Revlon which has been feature before on this blog... And the name is an indication of how bright it is, believe me! The application was brilliant seeing as it's quite opaque in it's first layer and easy to apply to the nails as the solution was correct consistency and the brush was simple therefore fine to use.
Still bright enough to blind the eyes?! These photographs show I need a slight improvement on my edges of nail lines as I have left a bit out - oops. Following adding the second coat, a top coat was added to strengthen the nail seeing as there going to be on the nails for a while. Then the fun starts as now is the applying of the orange glitter on top of the bright orange nail polish:
Doesn't it look fun and funky? The coloured glitter that has been added was a bargain at £1 from the £1 shop, it's UFO by Sinful Colors therefore it may be a discontinued line seeing as it's going cheap. But it's very very cool and a brilliant nail polish (if you can get your paws on it, then do so.)

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