Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pinch of Purink (Purple and Pink!)

Here's another instalment of the £1 shop haul (which wasn't meant to of happened - oops) which features the last nail polish! There are some other little bits to the haul that are nail related so no need to be disappointed. Today's nail polish is another one from the brilliant Sally Hansen which at the moment I think is the best but can't get many of them as they are American brand (any Americans want to do swapsises?) Insta-Dri and Xtreme wear collections aren't readily available here, the only ones that are is the salon collection - I forget the name of it seeing as I don't buy it.
Sweet and cute colour! It's called a Pinch of Punch which is a mix between pink and light purple (lilac) which is admittedly quite a summer related colour, I think I am a little summer hopeful at the moment as the weather isn't all that great at the moment and a little too cold for my liking. It needs to warm up slightly. Applying the nail varnish was really easy as the solution is really smooth not gloopy in places. Additionally the brush is much much better than the brush in Sally Hansen Insta-Dry which is harder to paint the nails with.

Good so far but definitely needs another layer as it's partially see through to the eye and would get better coverage. Here goes the application of the second coat of this lovely nail polish.

Once the second layer is on the nail polish is at it's best, a very good colour overall but a little girly for my liking as I am more of a navy girl. Another successful nail polish from Sally Hansen seeing as it applies so well, appears so well and stays on so well without chipping or falling off!

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