Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year and hopefully new resolutions!

Good morning and a Happy New Year! How's the hangover treating you guys this morning? Hopefully not too badly....  Right seeing as it's a new year, there are going to be some new years resolutions which hopefully I'll keep but I am not betting too much on me carrying them through. Here we go, they are:
  • Up to date reviews of nail polish as the majority of the nail polishes purchased for this lovely blog are out of date or out of stock seeing as they come from the £1 shops or car boot sales meaning the lovely readers of this blog cannot purchase ones they like as they are hard to come by. Hopefully I'll be reviewing nail polishes that are current collections from the high street!
  • Venturing into the unknown by starting to do nail art. The equipment needed to start is being order as this post is being typed so that there will be posts about starting nail art so that I can learn how to do it and you guys could follow along too at the same time. I promise they won't be very fancy at first as I'll be a newbie...
  • More regular posts on certain days of the week such as Monday, Wednesday and possibly Saturday. They are a bit as and when I feel like doing them which isn't good practise for a blog, as nobody knows when they'll be posts even me!
  • Finally the one I hope happens more than any of the others seeing as I know me and I do tend to get bored or go off a topic half way through. Is to keep this little blog going all the way until the next new year! Fingers crossed!
These are the news years resolutions for this blog, do you guys have any good ones? Even for yourselves? Anyway hope you all had a smashing new year and a brilliant 2014.

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