Monday, 6 January 2014

Yet another Sally Hansen nail polish... Oops!

They are just so nice and they not that expensive is probably the though going through my head when I buy yet another Sally Hansen nail varnish which isn't that different to other nail polish I have squirreled away in my ever growing collection of nail polish. So I might as well make some good use out of it by reviewing it and then others out there in the world could possibly benefit from this little blog.
Steal The Base is the name of this nail polish. The photograph definitely does the colour justice seeing as it's a blue/teal colour with a little bit of shimmer in it, a colour which I am not lacking in at the moment. More about the application of this in a minute...

The application of the first layer of polish was brilliant due to the solution going on really well to the nail, very very opaque (you could of left it with one coat) and even coverage all over due to a good brush in the nail polish. However the only niggle I have with this brush is the length of the plastic bit it's attached to as when your dipping it back into the nail polish, it gets impractical and annoying. But that's tiny.

After that additional and probably not needed layer, my nails look really good and the colour looks really nice as it's the same consistency all over! These are going to be left on for a few days to see how well they stay on without chipping so I'll have to get back to you on that. ... I have now worn this nail polish for a few days to test it out and I have to say that even though I have been doing loads of different things, my nails haven't chipped badly at all which I was kind of expecting them to do. Only real downside is that the nail polish colour does mildly stain the nails which can be seen once the nail polish is removed. But it's not really major staining, I promise!

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  1. lovely color :)



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